The Offr Group Acquires High-Tech Recruiting Firm

AUSTIN, TEXAS – August 18, 2022 – The Offr Group, a leader in the recruiting industry, is excited to announce today that it has acquired Denver Devshop, a candidate-centric staffing and recruiting agency focused on hiring software engineers and technology leadership. 

The acquisition enables The Offr Group to deliver top quality engineering candidates and service to their seed to Series C partners that have been recently well-funded and are experiencing hyper-growth. Since The Offr Group launched its recruiting service seven years ago, it has experienced significant growth in recruitment process outsourcing, staffing, and contingency staffing. This acquisition builds upon The Offr Group’s promise to help connect exceptional top talent in the marketing, sales and engineering spaces to the right opportunities at emerging startup tech partners, and to help these partners grow and scale their business efficiently. 

“Our goal is to bridge the gap for non-tech talent to build new careers in the tech space as well as enable that talent to help companies that are hiring sales, marketing and engineering teams to source top quality candidates to meet their projected hiring goals,” said Brandon Omoregie, The Offr Group’s CEO. “The addition of Denver Devshop’s phenomenal process to find high quality engineering talent fits perfectly inside The Offr Group’s ecosystem of providing top service offerings to our partners.”

Founded in 2018, Denver Devshop partners with tech organizations to provide exceptional software engineering talent that aligns with the skills and values needed. Denver Devshop is a leader in the technical recruiting space that redefined the process companies use to hire technical talent by focusing on the headhunter model and establishing a closer relationship with candidates. Using the headhunter model and improving upon its client’s selection process, Denver Devshop can boast that 1 in every 3.3 engineers will receive an offer and the candidates have a 95% offer acceptance rate. 

“Denver Devshop’s measure of success is whether the candidate is enjoying the process,” said Noah Schutte, Denver Devshop’s CEO. “The only way to engage a software engineer in the hiring process is to personalize the experience. Our recruiters have an outstanding network growth because an engineer who feels respected for their time and interests, also often enjoys the process. With The Offr Group, we can expand our talent-centric services and provide top-quality candidates to these hyper-growth startups.”

About The Offr Group

The Offr Group, a leader in the recruiting industry, connects top talent to the right opportunities at growing tech companies. Client’s rely on The Offr Group to help in the hiring of exceptional talent sales, marketing and engineering teams. Their mission is to help emerging startup organizations become unicorns with remarkable talent so they can grow and scale their business. Click here to learn more.  

About Denver Devshop

The Denver Devshop team has decades of experience in the software engineering and recruiting industries. They advise technical talent by walking them step-by-step through the hiring process, from direct submission to hiring managers, career coaching, interview & technical preparation by a Principal SWE, feedback, and negotiating on your behalf. Their mission is to be developers helping developers get better jobs. Click here to learn more.

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