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AI is everywhere even in recruiting but machines don’t fully understand humans (yet). Here are three key areas that still require human judgment when recruiting candidates.

Understanding and Communicating with Applicants with Gaps in Their Resume

In an ideal world, every applicant would have a perfectly crafted resume and employment history that perfectly fits the job they are applying for. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many applicants will have gaps in their resumes or employment history due to illness, family commitments, or other life events. AI can’t provide a human understanding of why these gaps exist and what impact they may have on the applicant’s ability to do the job. Therefore it’s important for recruiters to take the time to understand each candidate’s story and be able to communicate effectively with them about any potential issues or concerns.

Learning More About a Candidate (Not Just What’s on Their Resume)

AI can help identify candidates who meet certain criteria based on their resume or experience level but it can’t assess how well they’ll actually fit into a team or organization. That requires recruiters to dig deeper into each candidate’s background beyond their resume by conducting interviews, meeting references or talking to colleagues who have worked with the candidate before. This allows recruiters to better understand if an applicant is truly a good fit for their team and company values before making any decisions about hiring them.

Evaluating if Their Values Sync With Company Values

In addition to learning more about a candidate from their resume, recruiters need to take into account if an applicant’s goals are aligned with those of the company they’re applying for. AI can help identify qualified candidates but it doesn’t allow recruiters to properly assess if those applicants share similar values as those held by the company itself. For example, if an applicant has stated that one of their career focuses is “to work for an innovative company” then it’s important for recruiters to assess whether that particular company meets that criteria before moving forward with any hiring decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • AI can help streamline the recruitment process by quickly filtering through resumes.
  • Human judgment is still necessary for things such as understanding gaps in resumes.
  • Hiring managers should remember to consider human elements when utilizing AI technology during recruitment, so as not to get caught up in what looks good on paper without truly assessing whether or not an applicant is suitable for company culture and values first and foremost.

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