2 Strategies that can create a winning sales team

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Creating a winning sales team that performs over and over again comes down to paying attention to two areas:

  • Instilling Motivation
  • Best Hiring Practices

We spoke with two leaders that have a track record of success when it comes to building high performance teams, Scott Leese and TK Kader.

Instilling Motivation (Scott Leese)

The right motivation is mission critical: everyone has to have a similar mindset in order for the team to succeed and hit consistent goals. How should a manager, director, or even VP approach motivating his or her team?

SL: Well I think what I try to do is help people get to a place where their self confidence grows and grows and grows and grows.

And as that self confidence grows your ability to take chances increases, and the way you deliver things becomes more powerful.

f you’re confident, I can push you in different ways than someone who is struggling with their self confidence. I can challenge you more.

But everything falls apart if I can’t get you to feel good about yourself.

Best Hiring Practices

Recruiting the right people is so important. Companies should pay more attention to the process of HOW they hire people, especially in a performance oriented position. What methodologies should hiring managers adopt when it comes to building a high performance sales team?

TK discusses three methodologies a hiring manager should adapt:


  • Have a written out one page process on how you hire people. Companies should focus on what are the 5 attributes that we care about, what do these attributes mean? And how does that candidate match up to those attributes
  • Companies tend to spend a lot of time on the hiring process, but not enough time on the performance management process. What’s more important for an organization is to FIRE the right people, over HIRING the right people. You get so many data points when someone you hire is in the door. Within the first 3-6 months, aggressively manage the performance of that person, be honest about whether they are performing or not.
  • Do reference checks and be honest with yourself. I don’t mean ask the candidate for 5 people who will say nice things about them. Go on LinkedIn, see where that person works, call people you know who have worked with them and ask them for a reference on the candidate in question. Often times, it’s what the reference DOESN’T SAY that will speak louder volumes about that person.

Staying true to these methods will help you build a sales engine that consistently hits your targets. What two strategies do YOU use to build your winning sales team?

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