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The Offr Group is a leading recruiting firm that works with companies across multiple industries to find qualified talent. Whether you’re looking for a new Sales Representative or an Executive Vice President of Business Development, The Offr Group has experienced consultants who are passionate about connecting top talent with great companies.

About The Offr Group

The Offr Group, a leader in the recruiting industry, connects top tech talent to the right opportunities at Seed Round to Series-D companies. Clients rely on our team to help in the hiring of exceptional talent in the areas of sales, marketing and engineering.

Our Vision

To act as the bridge between amazing talent and tech organizations. To ensure those with in-demand skills are connected to opportunities that allow them to thrive and grow – because when great minds come together, incredible things happen.


Leading with Empathy

Putting ourselves in other stakeholder’s shoes while maintaining kindness and consideration.

Radical Transparency

Openly and consistently sharing information to help build business acumen and feedback loops across teams.

Staying Agile

With a proactive, positive outlook and the willingness to self-reflect for betterment of creativity, growth, and happiness, we always finding new ways to make an impact in our ever-changing world.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We create an environment where everyone feels safe, respected and valued for who they are – no matter their background or identity.

Think like an Owner

Having an entrepreneurial spirit and initiative to identify problems and potential solutions, while maintaining a commitment to the bigger picture.

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Why do companies trust us?

We deliver scalable solutions
Scalable Growth Strategies and Implementation
We Identify Top Talent

What our candidates have to say about the Offr Group

They matched me with a great company and I'm really happy in my current position. I've had the biggest highs in my career through this match.

Deborah D

San Francisco

They helped me find the right position at the right time that suited my skillset. I am very happy with my current job. Kudos to them.


San Jose

We make it easy to hire top talent

Our goal is for you to bring on talent in a smooth efficient manner.
We can replace your hiring process or compliment it, in a way that improves efficiency for your organization
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Use our resume builder to showcase the best version of yourself in front of the hiring manager! Learn our techniques on how to get that resume in front of the people that matter in the hiring decision process.

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    Start your day off right, by listening to career strategies! A career navigation podcast designed to help you get from point A to point B in your career!

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